Attention Racers first and foremost I would like to see each and everyone of you at CBS this weekend. If you can’t make it this weekend join us next week. I know in the past there have been numerous issues with things. As the new promoter I would like to be given a fair chance at resolving some of those issues and working them out if at all possible. I cannot do that without the help from each of you. If you have a car sitting in the garage and you havent raced lately, please pull those cars out and join us. We have a great facility here and I would like to see it continue to grow and prosper. All of us have a common bond, we love racing.
I’ve heard there is a rumor being spread around the mill about CBS shutting down. Let me assure you that is not true. Myself, nor anyone else wants to see that happen. In fact I am working towards increasing payouts.
Some of the prior CBS stock car racers have asked me about changing the rules and things that were enforced prior to me becoming the promoter, as of right now the rules and decisions that have been in place will remain until I have a chance to review them in the near future. When I have done so and made a decision I will let you all know Via Facebook and other social media.
My ultimate goal is to find sponsors to increase the payouts, to promote and spread awareness about the track, and to increase the fan base in the stands. I have plans on making some improvements to the facilities as well. Hope to see you all at the track Saturday. We are determined to make this facility awesome!

Scott Stubbs