*By submitting the document below, I understand that I am responsible for all taxes, fees, and assignments. I am solely responsible for reporting any winnings I receive from Cotton Bowl Speedway. I agree that it is the responsibility of the driver, NOT Cotton Bowl Speedway, MAN Racing Promotions, LLC. and their staff to ensure that Driver’s Safety Equipment are approved, correctly installed and/or properly used. I agree to abide by the Cotton Bowl Speedway 2019 GENERAL RULES and REGULATIONS. I understand that I am responsible for my crew members and my family to abide by the GENERAL RULES and REGULATIONS as well. I understand that Cotton Bowl Speedway and their staff will enforce all rules to the best of their ability. I understand that I am to notify Cotton Bowl Speedway if any information should change as soon as it changes. I understand that whomever receives winnings must fill out a 2019 W-9 form to receive any winnings.

2019 OctoberFAST Registration Form

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2019 Cotton Bowl Speedway OctoberFAST Registration

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Does anyone other than driver receive winnings?